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The Whole House Approach

Too often health/comfort/energy efficiency measures are designed and installed in a haphazard manner by lots of different contractors who are only concerned with their speciality.

Unfortunately this leads to little consideration as to how these measures might or might not work together and this can result not only in duplication but also greater problems which affect the occupants' health and comfort which can then lead to the need for expensive remedial work.

By looking at a building and its systems as a whole, duplication and unforseen problems can be avoided which leads to a more harmonious construction process and a good living experience for the occupants when they move in.

As a result of designing and building his own house, being a certfied Passivhaus consultant as well as eleven years experience in the UK construction sector, both as a low energy consultant and also as a hands on designer and installer of various technologies, Richard is well-placed to understand how the structure and systems of buildings can work together as a whole.

He sucessfully uses this knowledge to help architects, builders, self builders and home owners make a truly healthy, comfortable and energy efficient living spaces.

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