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As a BPEC accredited Part F ventilation designer and installer Richard can design, install & commission DMEV, MEV and MVHR systems and also advise in general on the ventilation of your home.

So whether you are a home owner with a bathroom mould problem who needs a new fan, or are a builder/developer/self-builder who needs a new DMEV, MEV, MVHR installation/an existing one commissioning

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What is DMEV, MEV & MVHR ?

As buildings become ever more airtight they need to be mechanically ventilated to maintain indoor air quality (IAQ) without opening windows and letting expensive heat out during the heating season; this is especially the case when nearing Passivhaus standard.

Mechanical ventilation (DMEV, MEV, MVHR) also allows buildings to be ventilated in a secure and pollution free way which is necessary for some sites.

MVHR is the most energy efficient method of achieving this as most of the heat is recovered from the extracted air before it exits the building.

We design, install and commission DMEV, MEV & MVHR units and their ducting systems using rigid or semi-rigid ducting where appropriate.

Because MEV & MVHR ducting can take up quite a lot of room it is important that the MVHR designer is involved from the beginning in order to avoid expensive last minute design changes on site.

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