The Healthy Home Ltd

making homes healthy comfortable and energy efficient

Would you like to make your home, healthy, comfortable & energy efficient?
Using a proven fabric first, whole house approach, with either traditional or modern materials, Richard helps architects, building-contractors, self-builders and home-owners realise homes which are truly healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

Based near Havant Richard operates in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, and South West London, so whether your project is a new-build or retrofitting an 18th Century listed building or 1970’s semi...
Please call Richard or send him an email by clicking one of the buttons below to discuss your requirements.

Whilst preferring to take a whole house approach to new builds or retrofits Richard is involved in, he also offers his services on a standalone basis and these include:

  • SAP calculations
  • Passivhaus PHPP calculations
  • Thermal bridging calculations
  • WUFI moisture calculations
  • Services design (electrical, data, ventilation (MEV/MVHR), space heating, hot water)
  • Damp/condensation problems diganosis and solutions
  • Overheating diagnosis and countermeasures
  • Thermal imaging
  • Energy efficiency reports
  • Training in all aspects of health, comfort & energy efficiency in buildings
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